A 75-year-old man has been arrested after his car hit 3 second-grade elementary school students, leaving one boy unconscious and the other 2 hospitalized with fractures.

A Russian travel agency has commenced operations of a passenger ship that directly connects the Far Eastern city of Vladivostok and Nanao City in Ishikawa Prefecture.

The consumer price index for Tokyo's 23 wards increased by 2.7 percent compared to the same month of the previous year, excluding perishable foods, while the first expansion in growth was recorded in four months, as announced by Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

A sudden downpour of large hailstones accompanied by loud thunder sent a wave of panic in Roppongi on Wednesday night.

A man who was drunk and fell asleep just 7 minutes into a live stream in Yokohama, had his phone stolen, with the activities of the thief continuing to be broadcast for another 90 minutes.

A hamburger chain with the most outlets in South Korea has arrived in Japan for the first time.

Against a backdrop of soaring raw material and labor costs, there's been a rapid increase in bankruptcies among shops offering the "flour-based" foods including takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and yaki soba.

Eleven high school boys wearing red bandanas have been arrested on suspicion of assaulting and injuring a 19-year-old boy with a bat on the streets of Tachikawa, Tokyo.

A 25-year-old male sergeant from the Osaka Prefectural Police is under investigation following allegations that he assaulted a station staff member.

A 24-year-old man of Icelandic nationality has been arrested after punching a taxi driver in the face and fleeing without paying the fare.

The Japanese government is considering specific measures to return a portion of increased tax revenues to the public, including a fixed 40,000 yen payment to taxpayers, and 70,000 yen to non-taxable households.

The man playing the role of Oda Nobunaga during the Nagoya Festival parade on Sunday afternoon fell from his horse and was taken to the hospital.

About 100 invasive "Redback Spiders" were discovered in an elementary school in Oita City, Kyushu, although there have been no reports of bites or health issues.

The president of the bento (boxed lunch) maker "Yoshidaya", responsible for over 500 cases of food poisoning nationwide last month, held his first press conference and gave a tearful apology.

Five cars on a monorail at the Kumamoto City Zoological and Botanical Gardens collided into each other on Wednesday, with passengers reporting sore backs and necks.

A man in his 40s has been arrested for allegedly jumping and kicking a parked car in Namba, Osaka, with the entire incident recorded on dashcam.

A former doctor was handed a suspended sentence after being found guilty of secretly filming female students naked during a school health checkup.

Nara Prefecture plans to introduce a system next year to subsidize high school students, effectively making tuition free for households with an annual income below 9.1 million yen.

As Japan's labor maket tightens, and foreign technical interns effectively become valuable human resources, the government announced a plan on Wednesday to revise the training system to allow more job flexibility.

A very rare sea turtle was caught in a salmon net by a Japanese fisherman before being released back into the waters of northern Hokkaido.

The Director of Tennoji Zoo, one of Japan's oldest zoos opened in Osaka in 1915, has apologized for a chimpanzee that escaped on Tuesday through a gap in the wall, admitting that a design flaw was at fault.

Due to the impact of surging prices, 30 percent of supermarkets in Japan are operating at a loss.

A mother and child were struck by a car near the entrance of a hospital in Hokkaido, resulting in the death of the girl.

A squirrel caught munching on a poisonous mushroom in northern Japan sparked hot debate on social media last week.

Starting from next spring, smoking rooms will be phased out on all Shinkansen trains operated by JR Tokai, JR West Japan, and JR Kyushu, making the entire trip smoke-free.

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