Tokyo's theaters and theme parks begin to reopen -- with conditions

Japan Times -- May 16
Some theaters and theme parks in Tokyo have begun to open conditionally in the past week while taking thorough measures to prevent coronavirus infections while under the government’s extended third state of emergency over the pandemic.

The state of emergency for Tokyo and the prefectures of Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo was initially set to expire on Tuesday. It was extended, however, and the central prefecture of Aichi and the southwestern prefecture of Fukuoka were added to the list on Wednesday. The emergency, now covering the six prefectures, is slated to run until May 31.

Among the facilities that reopened last week was the New National Theatre, Tokyo, in Shibuya Ward.

Hanayashiki, a theme park in Tokyo’s Asakusa district, resumed operations for the first time in 18 days. Sales of alcoholic beverages are banned at the park, though, and visitors were asked not to bring in such drinks. Hanayashiki staff also called on visitors to wear face masks properly.

In Fukuoka Prefecture, restaurants, bars and other establishments offering alcoholic beverages and karaoke services are being asked to close under the state of emergency. Nakasu, the biggest entertainment district in the prefecture, was quiet on Wednesday.

- Japan Times