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Last month, Shinagawa Ward Office introduced new name badges for all staff, now displaying only last names instead of full names and photographs. This change comes in response to serious concerns.

Passengers on Tokyo's busiest rail line experienced a startling moment on Sunday when a snake was spotted inside a train car.

The former wife of a wealthy man known as the "Don Juan of Kishu," who was indicted for his murder three years ago, appeared in court for a different case on May 10. However, there has been no progress toward an initial trial for the murder of the wealthy businessman.

Marijuana, long banned in Japan, now faces tighter restrictions after last year's law amendment prohibiting not only possession, but its use. Despite these laws, a quick internet search reveals numerous sale advertisements written in slang. Our investigation with the Health Bureau's Narcotics Control Department, colloquially known as "Matori," reveals the prevalent marijuana situation among Japan's youth.

May 12th marked a continuation of summer-like weather in the Tohoku and Kanto regions, while rain clouds spread from the west. The streets were busy with people carrying Mother's Day gifts.

In an atypical family setup, a story unfolds around a little girl named Momo, her 'Mama', and 'Kaachan'. 'Mama', born a male, now lives as a woman, Toshimi Tani, aged 50. Tani, a film producer at Nippon Television, has experienced a versatile career trajectory.

The Oji Zoo in Kobe's Nada Ward held a memorial service on May 10th for Tantan, the female giant panda who passed away at the age of 28 at the end of March, making her the oldest panda in Japan at the time of her death.

The Imperial Household Agency announced that Princess Ayako of Takamado, the third daughter of Princess Hisako, gave birth to her third son at 11:48 AM on May 10th at a hospital in Tokyo.