Honda to join lunar rover project by JAXA

Nikkei -- Sep 17
Honda Motor will join the development of a lunar rover by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Nikkei has learned.

Toyota Motor has also been cooperating with JAXA on this project. The agency hopes to boost the development of the vehicle by utilizing Honda's fuel cell technology.

The vehicle will be launched in 2029 under the U.S.-led manned lunar exploration project, dubbed the Artemis Program. The U.S. has been successful in the development of space technology by utilizing private companies. Japan will also work with companies to raise the international competitiveness of its space development.

JAXA has selected Honda as a new partner to develop a fuel cell system for a manned lunar exploration vehicle by Friday. Toyota will be responsible for the overall design of the vehicle.

The vehicle will be 6 meters long, about the size of two microbuses, and is expected to carry two passengers. The vehicle will be able to travel 1,000 kilometers on a full tank of hydrogen and oxygen. It will be used not only by Japan, but also by the U.S., Canada and other countries participating in the Artemis Program. ...continue reading

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