Suspect denies killing family of 3 in Saitama on Christmas Day

Saitama, Jan 06 (Japan Today) - The suspect in the deaths of three family members last month at a residence in Hanno, Saitama Prefecture, has denied killing them, police said Wednesday.

DNA from blood found on clothing confiscated from the home of the suspect, Jun Saito, 40, matches that of all three victims, police also said, adding they suspect it was worn by Saito at the time of the crime.

The suspect had been refusing to talk since his arrest on Dec 25 for the murder the same day of his neighbor William Bishop, a 69-year-old U.S. national.

"I did not do it. I have no recollection," he was quoted as saying recently. Bishop's wife Izumi Morita, 68, and their daughter Sophianna Megumi Morita, 32, were also found dead with blunt trauma injuries outside their Hanno residence.

Saito was sent to prosecutors on Dec 27 for allegedly killing Bishop by hitting him with a blunt object on Christmas morning. He is also under investigation for the deaths of Morita and Sophianna. ...continue reading

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