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Doll's world: 'Japan's Barbie' casts spell over grown-ups

Mar 02 ( - With her wide eyes and demure smile, Licca-chan is known as "Japan's Barbie". And her appeal is spreading to all ages, with adults turning the doll into a social media superstar.

One fan posts wry videos of the plastic poppet to over a million Instagram followers, while others painstakingly craft miniature clothes and share photos of their fashion shoots.

Licca-chan has been a favourite of Japanese children since she appeared in toy shops in 1967, and manufacturer Takara Tomy has sold over 60 million of them.

The company's official biography casts her as an 11-year-old girl with a Japanese designer mother and a French musician father.

At 22 centimetres tall, she is smaller and less glamorous than Barbie, who Murayama describes as "a supermodel" compared with Licca-chan's more "familiar" look. ...continue reading


or as long as Shohei Ohtani plays for the Dodgers -- which will be at least for the next decade -- May 17 will be known as “Shohei Ohtani Day” in Los Angeles County. (MLB)

Two residents of Sapporo who died earlier this month likely succumbed to food poisoning caused by mistakenly consuming toxic autumn crocus, according to the Sapporo City Health Department. The department confirmed on May 17 that the deaths were indeed due to poisoning from this plant.

A revised Civil Code introducing 'joint custody' for children after divorce has been passed by the Diet. This marks the first time in 77 years that Japan has reviewed the approach to post-divorce custody.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested three leaders of the political group 'Tsubasa Party' on suspicion of violating the Public Offices Election Act by disrupting the speeches of other candidates during a House of Representatives by-election in Tokyo's 15th district. Investigators view this as a "challenge to democracy" and plan to pursue a thorough investigation.

An event allowing visitors to experience life in 2050 has launched in Tokyo, including an elevator which enables transportation to space via a cable extending from a satellite to Earth.


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Having successfully advanced through the prefectural competition, the club members are enjoying a brief Obon holiday. Determined to make the most of this valuable break, Kumiko balances her time between studying for exams and filling her schedule with activities.

Kanata Asaya is a high school boy passionate about creating music videos. One day, he is deeply moved by a street performance and becomes determined to make an MV for the song. The singer, Yuu Orishige, is a female teacher who once dreamed of a music career but has since given it up.

The Akihabara game store frequented by foreign visitors is not targeting the latest releases, but rather old game software. The soaring secondhand game market suggests that treasures might be hidden in your home.

'Shine, Stardust' follows the journey of a young girl named Aoi, who dreams of becoming a renowned astronomer.

'Urusei Yatsura' is a beloved Japanese manga and anime series created by Rumiko Takahashi. The story revolves around the misadventures of Ataru Moroboshi, a high school student known for his extraordinary bad luck and perverted behavior.

In commemoration of the release of "The Return of Abunai Deka," a special analysis video has been created, thoroughly examining the iconic series.

With Tomo and Lupa joining, Nina's band has started moving forward as a group of five. Despite a new live show proposal from Momoka, the five members, each with their own unique personalities, struggle to come together easily.

Musician Yasuhei Otomo has resumed his live performances after a hiatus for kidney tumor removal surgery. On May 11 and 12, Otomo and his rock band "HOUND DOG" held a comeback concert at EX Theater Roppongi in Tokyo.