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‘He’s like a method actor’: the Japanese salesman who transforms into Jimmy Page

Sep 15 (The Guardian) - In fascinating new documentary Mr Jimmy, the intricate and obsessive performances of Akio Sakurai showcase an unusual and ultimately moving talent

AJapanese salesman becomes obsessed with memorizing and recreating every flared trouser and fast-fingered movement of virtuoso Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. Eventually he reaches his fifties and leaves behind his job, country, and family in order to pursue his passion in Los Angeles, where his beloved icon played a few unforgettable nights in the late 60s.

One could be forgiven for assuming that a documentary about Akio Sakurai would be a portrait of rock and roll cosplay at its most campy and madcap. Instead, Peter Michael Dowd’s film is a moving tribute to the purity and meticulousness of its subject’s quixotic quest.

Mr. Jimmy, which premiered on the festival circuit in 2019 and is now playing in select theaters, has a 100% fresh “Tomatometer” rating on the review site Rotten Tomatoes. The movie took four years to see its way to theatrical release because of the difficulty of securing musical rights. “It just took a while with 30 Led Zeppelin songs, and then there’s songs by John Lee Hooker, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters and Elvis Presley,” said Dowd, whose previous two documentaries also happen to be portraits of complex, misunderstood men. He finally got the all clear to release his latest movie in theaters after years of negotiations. “There’s probably a reason why most commercial documentaries don’t have anything like this kind of a soundtrack. But I thought it was worth the wait.”

Dowd, who lives in Los Angeles, learned about Sakurai on YouTube, where videos of the Japanese megafan’s reenactments of Jimmy Page concerts proliferated. “I saw this clip and it just said: Rain Song, 1979 version. I clicked on it, and I said, wait a minute, there’s a Japanese guy who looks exactly like Jimmy Page, but more importantly, he’s wearing the blue button down shirt, the white linen pants, the black loafers of Jimmy Page’s exact outfit from August 4, 1979,” Dowd said. “And I realized, by listening to him play, this guy’s a virtuoso himself. He’s like a method actor.” ...continue reading

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With the new currency release drawing near, unexpected issues are emerging. This month, known as the season of June brides, sees many weddings, but there are growing concerns over the difficulty in obtaining crisp banknotes for wedding gifts.

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) is set to undergo a significant overhaul of its disaster weather information, with experts proposing the introduction of a new 'Danger Alert' between the existing 'Special Warning' and 'Warning' categories. The final report on this review was compiled on Tuesday.

Himeji Castle, a popular tourist destination and UNESCO World Heritage site, is currently considering a significant increase in admission fees for foreign visitors. The admission fee for adults is presently 1,000 yen, but the mayor of Himeji City has proposed raising the fee to 30 dollars for foreign tourists, a move that has sparked considerable debate.

In a move to make generative AI more accessible, major mobile carrier SoftBank has announced the free provision of its latest AI-powered search tool to mobile users.

Located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, the 'Kenno Cafe' aims to prevent dementia through recreational activities like exercises for those concerned about the condition.


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