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Tokyo International Film Festival kicks off

TOKYO, Oct 25 (NHK) - One of Asia's largest film festivals has kicked off in Tokyo with filmmakers and actors from Japan and abroad appearing on the red carpet.

The opening ceremony of the 36th Tokyo International Film Festival was held in the capital's Chiyoda ward on Monday.

Filmmaker Ando Momoko, who serves as Festival Navigator, said films that represent the current times will be shown at the festival and she hopes people can experience them here in Tokyo.

The red carpet event began at a square in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya where film directors and actors waved and stopped for autographs and photos with fans as they moved along.

This year's competition section showcases 15 films chosen from 1,942 entries submitted by 114 countries and regions.

They include three films by directors from Japan: "【Ab】normal Desire" by Kishi Yoshiyuki, "A Foggy Paradise" by Kotsuji Yohei and "Who Were We?" by Tomina Tetsuya.

The festival runs until November 1, and will screen 219 films.

News On Japan

A meeting to deal with the three major airports in the Kansai region was held on Monday in Osaka City, where it was decided to officially submit a proposal for new flight routes for Kansai and Kobe Airports to the government, significantly increasing their capacity.

The Cape Soya Lighthouse, standing tall on a hill in Wakkanai City, Hokkaido, is Japan's northernmost lighthouse, established 139 years ago.

Kanagawa Prefecture unveiled its new logo, 'Kanagawa-Ken,' last Friday, only to find itself facing allegations that the design closely resembles Chiba Prefecture's mascot, 'Chiba-kun.'

Osaka Prefectural Police have issued a new directive urging all officers to wear sunglasses to protect themselves from the heat and sunlight.

Enoshima Bridge in Kanagawa Prefecture, which connects to the island of Enoshima, is now subject to nighttime traffic restrictions due to complaints about noise from modified vehicles.


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