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Trying Out Trending Manga: Why is Isekai Reincarnation Popular?

The Rise of Isekai Reincarnation Manga as Salvation for Struggling Youths and Unrewarded Middle-Agers

TOKYO, Jan 22 (News On Japan) - "In the year of Tensho 15 (1587), the fifth-generation Fuma Kotaro lived in a war-torn world swirling with malevolent spirits. 'To survive is to keep killing'... With only this thought, he overcame thousands of brushes with death, but was finally captured and lost his life. In the brief moment he thought everything was over, 'The One Who Watches Over the World' reached out to Kotaro. That instant... reincarnation occurred, and Fuma Kotaro was revived in another world...!!"

Currently serialized on LINE Manga and updated every Monday, "Ninpo Isekai Tensei – Fuma Kotaro Returns to Being Human in Another World" by Kurotaro takes readers on an epic journey. Set during the Sengoku period in the vicinity of Kanto, it tells the tale of a ninja operating in the shadows, embodying the tragic nature of the shinobi.

In the 2000s, anime and light novels have popularized the "isekai tensei" (another world reincarnation) genre, which has now become well-established in the manga world. "Commushou, Isekai e Iku," currently serialized on LINE Manga, is one such title that has gained popularity.

In recent times, enjoying dramas and manga on smartphones has become the norm. Users now watch content during their spare time through streaming and apps, prioritizing cost-effectiveness and type, seeking comfort. Naturally, creators are also.

Previously, titles like "Oshi no Ko" have topped the charts and are considered gateways to success, dubbed the "Next Manga Awards." This year, nearly 5000 works were entered, and ranking 19th in the "Web Manga Division".

While webtoons, the popular vertical-scrolling manga from Japan, are gaining attention, it is often the works of South Korean authors that are currently the talk of the town. Amid this, a Japanese work ranked 20th in the LINE Manga rankings for the first half of 2023.

With the global popularity of webtoons centered in South Korea, Japanese companies are increasingly entering the market, and domestic works are on the rise.

Source: Oricon


Makoto Nishimoto, a former Miyazaki City councilor who goes by the name Super Crazy Kun, has been sentenced to four years and six months in prison for forcibly taking a woman in her 30s, whom he knew, into a hotel in Miyazaki City last September and assaulted her by restraining her arms and committing non-consensual intercourse resulting in injury.

NTT has unveiled Japan's first technology aimed at improving the power efficiency of data centers, which are known for their high heat generation and substantial power consumption.

A pair of premium melons from Yubari City in northern Japan has fetched 3 million yen in the first auction of the year. That's about 19,000 dollars. The luxury fruit is a popular gift in the country. (NHK)

A new facial recognition system, set to be widely used at next year's Osaka-Kansai Expo, has been unveiled.

Shohei Ohtani has reportedly purchased a mansion worth approximately 1.2 billion yen near Dodger Stadium, according to local media.


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Tokyo Metro's mystery-solving game is getting a revamp. Tokyo Metro has announced the launch of a new interactive mystery-solving game called 'Metro Time Gate.' This is the latest in a series of interactive events that Tokyo Metro has been hosting since 2014.

The highly anticipated original feature film 'Kimi no Iro' by world-renowned animation director Naoko Yamada is set to premiere on August 30th. This film, which combines themes of music and youth, marks the beginning of a new era in animated movies.

Mitsuki Takahata and Masaki Okada co-star as a married couple for the first time. This new marriage story delicately and candidly portrays the difficulties and preciousness of being a couple and a family.

There is a real boom for tap games or 'clickers' in the gaming industry right now. Everyone is talking about the phenomenal success of Hamster Kombat, a game that, after the triumph of the Notcoin clicker, seems to have broken all imaginable and inconceivable popularity records.

Kabru, having returned to the surface, heads to the island lord to report the events in the labyrinth. However, a group of western elves known as the 'Canaries' are already demanding that the lord surrender the labyrinth.

Studio Ghibli was awarded the Honorary Palme d'Or in recognition of its long-term contributions to the film industry at the Cannes International Film Festival held in France on May 20.

In episode 1106 of ONE PIECE, titled 'Trouble Occurs! Seek Dr. Vegapunk!,' the Straw Hat Pirates find themselves in a critical situation as an unexpected crisis arises.

In "Special Police Dekaranger with Tonbo Ohger," the elite Dekaranger team joins forces with the valiant Tonbo Ohger to tackle an unprecedented threat. The story kicks off with Haruzuki Ten, the second Dekapink (played by Amisa Miyazaki), arriving at the Earth Station, equipped with her unique ability to see prophetic dreams.