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Mixed Martial Artist Comments on Protege's Future Contracts

Mikuru Asakura Speaks on the Rise of Mizuki and Her Impact on His Future Plans

TOKYO, Jan 23 (News On Japan) - Professional mixed martial artist Mikuru Asakura updated his YouTube channel on the 21st, addressing the criticism aimed at his protege Mizuki.

Asakura announced that Mizuki, who had become a topic of conversation, married a 33-year-old non-celebrity and was expecting a child. Due to the significant backlash Mizuki received, Asakura hastily posted a video titled "Regarding Mizuki-chan's Controversy."

Asakura, who had discussed the announcement of the marriage and pregnancy with Mizuki about ten times, explained, "I told her that the comments could get pretty harsh, but she still wanted to go through with the marriage with strong determination. So, I decided to respect her choice and support her decision."

As Mizuki is contractually obligated to continue appearing in videos, Asakura said, "She wanted to be honest from the start, rather than having viewers notice her pregnancy later on."

Mikuru Asakura: Regarding comments suggesting that her contract should be terminated, Asakura responded, "It isn't up to me whether to cancel the contract. I'm leaving it to Mizuki-chan, so if she wants to continue, I'll support her, and if she wants to stop, she's free to do so." However, he agreed with comments saying, "It would be a big problem if it weren't for this agency," and expressed his concerns about Mizuki's partner, saying, "I'm wondering what the other person thinks. They haven't even come to greet me."

Asakura continued, admitting he was very worried due to the short period of their relationship, but after hearing Mizuki's story several times, he believes that "she couldn't find anyone better than this person, and that he's a wonderful person." Asakura regards Mizuki as a colleague and a sister-like figure, saying, "As long as she's happy, that's all that matters." He also addressed third-party perspectives, "There are various opinions like irresponsibility, but within our circle, the only thing that matches those comments is what we think about the other person. Getting married and having a baby is a joyous occasion, and I hope everyone can celebrate with us."

Furthermore, Asakura clarified on behalf of Mizuki, who appeared on ABEMA's original love reality show "Don't Be Fooled by Flowers and Wolves" (2023), that she didn't have a boyfriend at the time of the show, so there was no overlap. Lastly, Asakura announced, "MAPROMOTIONS, the talent agency I run, is looking to put more effort starting from 2024. We are recruiting women with a strong desire to not marry and to become famous," and called for applicants with the goal of producing major actresses.

Born on April 18, 2000, Mizuki's special skill is doodling, and her hobbies include motorcycles and darts. After moving from her hometown in Hyogo Prefecture to Tokyo, she began her modeling career.

She caught Asakura's attention with her beauty and style, as well as her dreams, during his YouTube channel's luxury car taxi project. Her Instagram account gained 100,000 followers within five days of its launch, and she became a model and ladies' designer for the apparel brand MATIN AVENIR. In 2023, her appearance on ABEMA's "Don't Be Fooled by Flowers and Wolves" led to a surge in female fans, expanding her range of activities.

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