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"Oshi no Ko" to be Adapted into Live-Action Series and Film with Cast Revealed

Live-Action Adaptation and Cast Announcement for "Oshi no Ko": Exclusive Amazon Prime Series and Toei-Distributed Film in Winter 2024

TOKYO, Jan 24 (News On Japan) - Amazon and Toei have launched a joint project to adapt "Oshi no Ko" into a live-action drama series and film. The drama series will be exclusively streamed worldwide on Amazon's Prime Video in the winter of 2024, while the film will be released in theaters distributed by Toei. Along with this announcement, six cast members have been revealed, including Kai Sakurai as Aqua and Asuka Saito as Ai.

Kai Sakurai, known for his diverse activities such as being in a band and running a YouTube channel, has recently appeared in "VIVANT" (2023/TBS) and "Ao Haru Ride Season 1" (2023/WOWOW). As an actor, he has been steadily building his career and in this new project, he will play Aqua, who infiltrates the entertainment industry to uncover the truth behind his mother Ai's death.

Asuka Saito, the unshakable center of the idol group "B Komachi" and a legendary idol with a natural sparkle, will portray Ai. Since graduating from Nogizaka46 last year, she has demonstrated her multifaceted talent as a regular model for the magazine "sweet" and as the host of "Hamasuka Broadcasting Department" (ANB/2021). Saito's delicate and precise acting skills shine as she takes on the role of a charismatic idol.

Nagisa Saito, who will play Ruby, Aqua's twin sister who dreams of becoming an idol like their late mother Ai, gained widespread acclaim for her role in the drama "Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo" (MBS/2022). After graduating from the idol group "=LOVE" last year, she has been active as an actress in films like "Koukan Uso Nikki" (2023) and "Saikou no Seito ~Yomei 1-nen no Last Dance~" (NTV/2023).

Kana Arima, who will play the role of Kana, started her career as a child actress and joins Ruby in idol activities. Since debuting as a child actress in 2009, she has appeared in notable works like the film "Suzume no Tojimari" (2022), the NHK Taiga drama "Dou Suru Ieyasu" (2023), and the film "Mystery to Iu Nakare" (2023).

Mizuki Kayashima will play Akane Kurokawa, an actress belonging to "Gekidan LaLaLai" who harbors feelings for Aqua. As an exclusive model for the magazine "Seventeen" and the 14th CM girl for "Zexy," she has attracted attention for her mysterious roles in "Kyoushu no Musume" (MBS/2022).

MEMcho, played by Ano, is a popular YouTuber who also engages in idol activities with Ruby and Kana. Ano boasts charismatic popularity among young women through her work as an artist, talent, actor, voice actor, and model. She performed in the 74th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen at the end of last year with her song "Chu, Tayousei," released in November 2022.

Amazon and Toei have teamed up to deliver the pride of Japan, "Oshi no Ko," as global entertainment, with this first attempt to adapt it into both a drama series and a film for worldwide distribution. In addition to the drama series, the film is also aiming for a global release. Stay tuned for further updates!

Source: Dengeki


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