Society | Feb 09

Manga Artists Save Historic Mansion

TOKYO, Feb 09 (News On Japan) - In Tokyo's Setagaya district, a gathering of manga artists has brought new life to the "Former Ozaki Teodora Residence," a Western-style mansion built 135 years ago that has overcome the threat of demolition.

The "Former Ozaki Teodora Residence" was constructed in 1888 for Teodora Ozaki, the wife of Yukio Ozaki, a politician revered as the 'god of constitutional government.' Faced with the threat of demolition due to deterioration, the call for preservation led by manga artist Kazumi Yamashita and others has ensured the building's survival.

Rumiko Takahashi, a celebrated manga artist, expressed her enthusiasm for the preservation project: "Having this mansion preserved is truly a dream come true."

Another renowned artist, Osamu Akimoto, shared his hope for the initiative: "The idea of manga artists themselves taking action is a genuinely novel ambition. I hope it becomes a new landmark in Tokyo."

Starting in March, the mansion will grandly open as a gallery and café, inviting visitors to step into a piece of history revitalized by the creative community.

Source: ANN


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