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The Origin of the Villainess-Camp Concept: A Look Inside

TOKYO, Feb 10 (News On Japan) - From DRE Novels, the second volume of "The Villainess Goes on a Trip in Her Camper Van - Enjoying a Self-Imposed Exile with Her Beloved Cat" will be released on February 9th. We bring you the charm of this work through an email interview with the author, Puni-chan.

What is "The Villainess Goes on a Trip in Her Camper Van" about? This work is a fantasy story about Misery, a villainess who was condemned and uses her hidden super cheat skill "Camper Van" to travel out of the country with her beloved cat, Ohagi. Equipped with a toilet, kitchen, car navigation, space expansion, and even appraisal functions, she enjoys a comfortable journey. She indulges in campfires and camp food, which she admired in her previous life, interacts with villagers, and even defeats slimes she encounters. While enjoying her travels, she finds an adventurer who has collapsed on the road...!?

In writing this work, Puni-chan points out what she focuses on and also shares a bit about herself. If you're curious, please take a look at the email interview. "The Villainess Goes on a Trip in Her Camper Van" is a work you'd want to read when you feel like camping but are too busy... How did the combination of "villainess" and "camping/camper van" come about? I've always liked the villainess theme, and when I thought about something new, I decided that a comfortable adventure (camping) would make the slow life even more enjoyable. Watching a campfire is fun, but it's not easy to do it yourself. So why not let Misery, the protagonist, do it!?

What are the features and recommended points of this work? I would be delighted if readers could enjoy the feeling of relaxing by the campfire, which is featured several times in the story.

What did you struggle with while writing this work? I struggled with how to use modern camping tools in a different world. If I just used the technology and materials from our world, it would feel out of place, so I made it possible with magic and magical tools.

The camp food in the work is also impressive, but which camp food that appears in the story would you most like to try? It's the "Horned Rabbit Omelette" from the first volume. It's meat from a monster, but it's a staple in fantasy, so I'd like to try it. Hunting for ingredients and eating them is very camp-like and nice.

What is your favorite scene in the first and second volumes? It's the part where Ohagi the cat defeats a slime. We even have illustrations, and they're so cute!

Who is your favorite character? It's Ohagi. I want to be a cat too.

The work has also been decided to be serialized in DRE Comics. Is there anything you are particularly looking forward to in the serialization? I'm looking forward to delicious food, fun camping, and the camper van speeding through dungeons!

When writing novels, is there anything you particularly focus on? In this work, I focused on not making the sentences too long and making sure they're easy to read.

Is there anything you've been particularly passionate about recently? It's "Dr. Mario" (Famicom/Nintendo Switch Online).

Finally, please give a message to the readers of Dengeki Online. Thank you for reading the interview! I think there are many people who want to camp but are too busy, dislike bugs, or don't have the physical strength... So, for those times, please give it a try.

Source: Dengeki

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