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Princess Aiko Journeys Through Time at Ise Shrine Museum

MIE, Mar 27 (News On Japan) - During a visit to Mie Prefecture, Princess Aiko, the daughter of Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako, immersed herself in the rich tapestry of Japan's past at a museum within the sacred precincts of Ise Shrine on Wednesday morning.

The museum, dedicated to the legacy of women who historically served the shrine, offers a unique window into the spiritual heart of Japan.

Princess Aiko embarked on a tour of the museum, which serves as a custodian of the tales of the Saio - virgin princesses of the imperial family who lived in service to the shrine from the Asuka to the Kamakura periods. This tradition, deeply entwined with the essence of Japanese spirituality, highlights the significant role women played in the nation's religious heritage.

Before delving into the museum's exhibits, Princess Aiko was warmly greeted by local elementary school children, a gesture that underscored the connection between Japan's royal family and its people. This interaction, marked by genuine warmth and curiosity, set the tone for a day of profound historical engagement.

With keen interest, Princess Aiko examined meticulously reconstructed models of the Saio's residences, learning about the archaeological efforts to unearth and preserve these historical sites. These models, bridges to the past, offered her a tangible connection to the lives of women who, centuries ago, walked a path of devotion and duty.

The journey through Japan's storied past continued as Princess Aiko visited a facility dedicated to the culture of the Heian period. There, alongside local students, she engaged in "Kaioi," an ancient shell-matching game. This activity, which once entertained the nobility of the Heian court, allowed the princess and the children to momentarily step into the world of their ancestors, experiencing the leisure and cultural pursuits of a bygone era.

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Source: ANN


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