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Hamster Kombat, Сatizen, Neo Dao: Which Game Will Stand the Test | Lado Okhotnikov

May 23 (News On Japan) - There is a real boom for tap games or 'clickers' in the gaming industry right now. Everyone is talking about the phenomenal success of Hamster Kombat, a game that, after the triumph of the Notcoin clicker, seems to have broken all imaginable and inconceivable popularity records.

And while gamers are hunting for this clone, we will share with you information about one promising game, which will be available to the first participants in the Meta Force metaverse.

Let us immediately note that this is not another clicker that is trying to repeat the success of its predecessors. We'll talk about a combination of game mechanics, economic tools, cool graphics and storytelling that will combine into unique gameplay and will be relatable to different types of audiences.

You will learn about the key features of the gaming world, unique features and revolutionary ideas that make this game a real breakthrough in the field of GameFi and GameAf. But first, a few words about clickers.

Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat is another clicker type game that is trying to attract the attention of players by promising less time investment compared to the popular project Not Coin. However, despite the founders' statements, doubts arise as to how much this project really differs from its predecessors.

The plan was to make a miner game, but it turned out to be an ordinary tap game — Lado Okhotnikov, CEO Meta Force, about Hamster Kombat

Initially, many, including us, did not pay much attention to Hamster Kombat, considering it just another copy that was trying to make money on the hype around a new genre for the public. However, the startup managed to attract the attention of 4 million users in just a couple of months, which may be due to the lack of the need to purchase anything in the game with real money.

The gameplay is not original: users simply click on the screen to get coins. The number of tokens per click depends on the level and upgrade of the character, which is a standard mechanism in applications of this type.

The founders recommend logging into the game as often as possible in order to collect bonuses on time and thus improve your character. However, these tips sound familiar and offer nothing new. Moreover, there are fears that the game will quickly become boring due to the lack of development and fresh ideas.

Despite Hamster Kombat's initial success, doubts remain about the project's long-term prospects. The developers are unlikely to be able to come up with something truly new and exciting in the near future, given the limitations of the "clicker" genre. Ultimately, "battle hamsters" risk remaining just another game that will quickly lose interest after the initial hype.

Сatizen: CryptoKitties 2.0

Catizen is another clicker game from Chinese developers that is trying to attract attention in this bull market. Tap game has gained immense popularity among GameFi mini-dapps in the TON ecosystem, becoming one of the leaders in this category.

The number of players who have registered with Catizen since the beginning of 2024 has exceeded 4 million, and the number of active users who regularly interact with the game has reached an impressive 260,000. These figures indicate the rapid growth and success of the project in the Web3 sphere, where cryptocats stand out from the rest.

Catizen went big for Gamefly, but is 20 years late

A game with simple graphics. The visual style is minimalistic and not overloaded with details. The character and environment animations are basic and not overly detailed. Apparently this was done on purpose so that the application would run on any smartphone and tablet.

The gameplay is also not very varied. The mechanics of behavior are monotonous and are repeated throughout the game without significant changes. There are no additional activities or mini-games that could diversify the gameplay. The entire gameplay comes down to accumulating resources and improving cats.

On the other hand, the game does not require complex algorithms. The basic mechanics of crossing, collecting resources, and upgrading characters are fairly typical of many casual games. The developers did not invent something fundamentally new, but used already proven and well-known approaches.

Comparing Catizen with Hamster Kombat, you can see many similarities:

  • both games promise the ability to earn cryptocurrency through simple actions;
  • both use similar mechanisms of progress and reward;
  • In both games there is a risk of rapid loss of interest among users due to monotonous gameplay.

Despite the attempts of the founders of such "crypto kitties 2.0" to combine elements of successful games and add the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency, doubts remain about the long-term prospects of the project. However, according to some sources, the TON Foundation itself, the organization behind the TON (Telegram Open Network) blockchain platform, invested in the development of this game.

However, Catizen risks falling into the same pot as many other games in the taper genre. Without significant differences and unique proposals, it is unlikely that such projects will be successful in the long term..

Neo Dao: a new direction from Lado Okhotnikov's Meta Force

Unlike regular sneakers, where your progress is limited and predetermined by the developers, in Neo Dao you yourself pave the way for your hero. It's easy to own land and develop it to your liking. Create your own economic empire by managing mines, factories and shops - please. Explore uncharted territories, fight for resources in the wasteland and make new friends from all over the world - this is the idea that others are missing.

All these activities together will create a unique gaming experience where everyone can find something to their liking and build their own strategy for success in the virtual world.

Neo Dao is a game in the Meta Force metaverse

Neo Dao is a revolutionary play-to-earn gaming metaverse that places players in an open 3D world where they can develop their characters, develop their own growth strategies and earn money through various financial instruments.

The game is being developed on the basis of Unreal Engine 5, the engine of which is also used to create cinematic scenes. That is, the tool is used to its fullest to create stunning cut scenes and videos that are in no way inferior to Hollywood blockbusters.

An example of a game created on the Unreal Engine 5 - The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience

You walk through the streets of a city that looks real, with amazing detail and realism. You see reflections in puddles, notice how the sun's rays break through the clouds, and how the wind moves the leaves on the trees.

Suddenly the chase begins and you find yourself in the middle of the action. Cars with tires squealing rush past you, crash into each other and explode, scattering into thousands of pieces. You see buildings being destroyed by explosions and bricks falling to the ground, creating clouds of dust.

Then the scene changes, and your hero finds himself in a luxurious apartment overlooking the city at night. You can see the light from the street lamps and neon signs reflecting off the windows, creating a stunning play of light and shadow. Every detail of the interior, from the wood texture on the floor to the folds in the curtains, looks incredibly realistic.

All this was made possible thanks to Unreal Engine 5.

Unreal Engine 5: The Matrix Awakens

Neo Dao retains all these features offered by the Unreal Engine 5 game engine. However, the main emphasis is not on action scenes, but on strategic character development. Players will have to think through every step and make informed decisions in order to succeed in the virtual world.

The most important thing is that your achievements will have real value. Thanks to the integration of Neo Dao products into the Meta Force metaverse, you can earn real cryptocurrency just by playing the game. The tokens that you receive for completing a particular task have a real use in the internal economy, which makes the gaming experience truly meaningful.

In addition, Neo Dao plans to gradually cover all possible devices, including mobile phones, personal computers, game consoles and virtual reality systems. Thus, the team strives to attract the widest possible audience by offering a variety of gameplay, including strategy, building elements, racing competitions, and more. The game will be constantly scaled and updated, providing players with more and more opportunities for exploration and development.

Inside from developers

Here you are not just a player - you are the creator of your own reality. Every decision you make, every step will affect the world around you and its inhabitants. You will be able to build a civilization from scratch, found cities, develop technologies, and establish contacts with others.

"Every detail of the virtual world has been thought out. Some of the territories have already been developed, and some remain in your hands. You can own the land, build anything on it, and even earn real money from it. We will gradually open access to new locations so that your adventure never ends," Lado Okhotnikov, a founder of Meta Force metaverse, talks about plans that will soon be implemented in Neo Dao.

But what really makes Meta Force special is the integration of its products into the gaming world. Imagine you have a mine in Uniteverse. You can come to it in the metaverse, work there and receive additional bonuses in the product itself. This isn't just a virtual reward - it's real value that you can use outside of the game.

Against the backdrop of global changes within the company, Lado Okhotnikov shared the latest achievements: "We launched the Force Marketplace last year, and in the near future we plan to open our own decentralized exchange (DEX). In addition, we just recently started selling our metaverse's native token, Forcecoine, via P2P [peer-to-peer]. editors]. I detailed the reasons why we made this decision in my recent press release, which was published on the well-known financial portal".

Digital tokens obtained by users in various products of the Meta Force universe will become a key element of its internal economic system. These coins can be used to purchase a variety of items, improve your units, and more.

Putting everything together, it cannot be said that Neo Dao is only about economics. It is also a place where you can be anyone and do anything. Do you want to become an explorer, fighting for resources? Or maybe you prefer a quieter life, managing a chain of stores or auto repair shops? What if you like to compete? For all this, mini-DApps are already being developed: droid battles, dancing, car racing, etc. Everyone will find something suitable for themselves.

But the most important thing is the community. Meta Force is seen as a place where you can meet like-minded people, make new friends and explore the virtual world together. Take part in events, join factions, compete for first places in leaderboards - the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

The developers are preparing something truly special that can pleasantly surprise and keep all lovers of interactive entertainment glued to their screens for a long time. Innovative game mechanics, stunning graphics and a well-thought-out game world are just some of the nuances that will probably make this game a hit.

Based on Dan Michael's materials
The Head of Meta Force Press Center


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