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Jackie Chan Visits Japan After 13 Years

TOKYO, Jun 13 (News On Japan) - Action star Jackie Chan made a surprise visit to Japan for the first time in 13 years, appearing at the stage greeting for his latest film, 'Ride On.'

The audience erupted in applause and cheers of "Jackie!" as Chan reunited with his Japanese fans, greeting them with a cheerful "Long time no see" in Japanese, and a beaming smile.

Adding to the excitement, Jackie Chan impersonator, Jackie-chan, also appeared as a guest. In a humorous moment, Jackie-chan performed his signature act of "Jackie Chan wincing from a punch" in front of the real Chan, who playfully chased him around the stage with a mock fist.

Chan addressed the audience, saying, "Movies are like this, but the real Jackie Chan is not," and then showcased his current version of the "Drunken Master" style, which did not include any wincing, to the delight of the fans.

As the theme song for the 50th anniversary film "Ride On" began to play, Chan spontaneously performed the song live. The impromptu concert had the audience clapping along in joy.

After singing the entire theme song, Chan expressed his gratitude to his Japanese fans, saying, "Thanks to your support, I find the strength to take on new challenges and appear in various films. I am truly grateful for your long-standing support. I hope to appear in many more films and meet you all again, perhaps with one movie each year."

With this heartfelt message, Chan left the stage, leaving a lasting impression on his Japanese fans.

Source: ANN

News On Japan

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