The feature film directorial debut of Indian filmmaker Hemant Singh, "Wasabi Revenge," will be released sequentially across Japan starting from Feb 9 in Tokyo.

Moe Fukuda updated her Instagram on Tuesday with a photo revealing her pregnant belly.

ABEMA has unveiled the top five anime series for each season of 2023 on its official Anime Channel.

Chubu International Airport has a new spin on promoting Nagoya's famous foods, with suitcases full of sample dishes revolving around the baggage carousel while travelers pick up their luggage.

A company executive from Saitama Prefecture has been arrested for allegedly selling lethal weapons to buyers including a doctor, with a total of 37 military firearms seized.

A car driven by a 73-year-old man crashed into a classroom of a cram school in Fukuoka on Wednesday night, injuring four people, including an instructor and junior high school students.

In an effort to boost persistent low birth rates, Japan's government has released a policy offering tuition-free university education to all families with three or more children, effective from fiscal 2025.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government has announced plans to effectively make tuition fees free for all high schools, including private institutions.

Unstable weather conditions continue in northern Japan on Wednesday morning, with further snowfall expected in Hokkaido and Tohoku by Thursday morning, Nov 30.

A live show held in China on Friday night featured popular Japanese comedians, including Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura, or 'Tony' Yasumura, who presented his 'nude' act while wearing full-body tights.

The Japan Pharmaceutical Association will begin experimental sales of "emergency contraceptives," aimed at preventing unwanted pregnancies, at approximately 150 pharmacies nationwide starting from Nov 28 as part of a feasibility study to make them available without a doctor's prescription.

As investigations continue into 'cannabis gummies' in Japan, police have discovered another product by the same manufacturer to contain illegal cannabis-derived ingredients.

The new island that emerged off the coast of Iwo Jima last month continues to spew ash and lava every few minutes.

As international travel returns to pre-pandemic levels, the global proliferation of bed bugs is raising concerns in Japan, where experts are now warning of an unavoidable spread of these blood-sucking insects.

Last year's average global concentration of greenhouse gases recorded their highest levels since statistics began in 1984, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Japan is witnessing a rapid increase in foreign nationals disappearing after arriving as tourists.

Several young people in Tokyo have recently been sent to hospital after complaining of feeling sick from consuming "cannabis gummies".

Entry denials into the United States from Japan have surged in the past year, with some young Japanese women visiting Hawaii for tourism being forced to return to Japan.

Japanese low-cost airline Skymark is looking to enter the logistics market following Suzuyo Holdings move to become the airlines largest shareholder.

Japanese YouTuber "Rengoku Koroaki", known for citizen's arrest themed videos, has been apprehended for posting a video of a woman surrounded by 5 to 6 men while being falsely accused of reselling theatre tickets.

A 33-year-old woman has been elected to the top job of Yawata City in Kyoto Prefecture, making her the youngest female mayor in the nation's history.

The statue of the faithful dog Hachiko celebrated its 100th birthday this November with a warm bedroom, just as a winter chill sweeps through Tokyo.

The main building of Shakasonji, resting place of rakugo artist Sanyutei Enraku, burnt to the ground on Sunday.

A widespread power outage affecting nearly 20% of households and businesses in Okinawa Prefecture was restored 2 hours after a thermal generator breakdown on Sunday afternoon.

A police officer fired two shots at a man armed with a knife who is believe to have attacked and injured a nearby woman in Osaka on Monday morning.

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