Japan's Princess Mako new life in the US with her “Commoner” Husband

News 360 Tv -- Nov 25
Princess Mako from Japan is getting her first taste of life as a commoner in New York City where she's now living with her new husband, Kei Komuro, after sensationally giving up her royal title last month.

The eldest daughter of Crown Prince Fumihito and niece of reigning Emperor Naruhito was spotted over the weekend for the first time since trading Tokyo's Imperial Palace for the bright lights of the Big Apple.

The former royal, 30, who now goes simply by Mako Komuro, made a trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond Friday to pick up some home essentials for the couple's new marital home in Hell's Kitchen.

Exclusive DailyMail.com photos show Mako at the home furnishings store where she spent about an hour and half shopping for bath towels, coat hangers, organizer baskets, some paper towels, and other items.

Mako was alone during the outing and pushed her own shopping cart around the store and had no security detail protecting her. She was dressed in a long forest green coat, black top, and blue jeans - a much more casual look than the modest, formal attire she regularly wore in public back home.

The princess has been a fish out of water ever since leaving behind a nation that has criticised her marriage to a commoner, and having to adapt to a new country half a world away from the confines of the Imperial House.

Mako's loss of royal status comes from the Imperial House Law, which allows only male succession. She is the daughter of the emperor's younger brother, and her 15-year-old brother is expected to be emperor.

At one point on Friday Mako appeared to be lost in the big city and had to ask multiple people for directions, often walking back and forth on a street multiple times until she got her bearings.

She didn't seem too fazed by not knowing where she was going but was determined to get on with her errands.

She eventually returned to her apartment around 6pm where her husband met her at the entrance to help her with her four shopping bags. ...continue reading