Married couple accused of forcing woman into prostitution around 600 times

Japan Today -- Mar 02
Police in Tokyo have arrested a 33-year-old woman and her 29-year-old husband on suspicion of violating the Anti-Prostitution Law by forcing a 26-year-old female acquaintance into prostitution and using the earnings to pay for their rent and luxury brand items.

According to police, the woman and her 3-year-old child lived with the couple at their apartment in Itabashi Ward, Fuji TV reported. Police said Yukino Takehara, who is unemployed, and her husband Yuki, a waterproofing worker, have denied they forced their acquaintance, a single mother who was having trouble making ends meet, into prostitution.

Police allege the couple forced the victim into prostitution about 600 times, taking in around 8.6 million yen. Moreover, the suspects handed the woman less than 1,000 yen for each session.

Police said Yukino became acquainted with the woman on a video-sharing website in February 2018. After learning that the woman was a struggling single mother, Yukino invited her to live with she and her husband in Tokyo. In November 2018, the woman and her child moved into the couple’s home. From around July 2019, the couple started to demand that she pay rent and told her, “If you don’t have money, then work in a brothel.” ...continue reading

33歳の女とその夫が、知人女性に売春をさせたとして警視庁に逮捕されました。女性は「1100万円以上を夫婦に渡した」と話しているということです。 - TBS NEWS