Japanese scientist sets new national record for deep-sea exploration

NHK -- Aug 30
NHK has learned that a Japanese scientist was among the members of an international deep-sea exploration team who reached a depth of 9,801 meters in a recent mission. This marks a new record for Japanese explorers of the ocean's depths.

The international team includes scientists from Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology and Nagoya University. They reported that an undersea probe reached the deepest point of the Ogasawara Trench on August 13.

The group said Michibayashi Katsuyoshi, a Japanese geologist and professor at Nagoya University, and American undersea explorer and pilot Victor Vescovo were onboard.

The group has been engaged in deep-sea exploration near Japanese territorial waters since August 5. They are using The Limiting Factor, a highly-sophisticated manned submersible vessel developed by a private US firm.

The Ogasawara Trench was believed to be 9,780 at its deepest point, but the group says they reached a depth 21 meters below this. ...continue reading

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