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Predictions for the Development of the Japanese Online Casino Industry in 2024

The land of the rising sun welcomes each day before everyone else in the world. It is only logical that they are leading the rest of the world in many things.

We all know how popular tech is in this country, and the adoration of its people for it is on another level. We can see their attempts to create perfect robots, androids, and artificial intelligence. Technology played a crucial role in the advancement of the gambling industry. Online casinos have come a long way, and they did so by implementing the latest and greatest tech innovations in their systems. All of this is creating a perfect setting for future development, and we wonder which ones we can expect in the Japanese online casino industry in 2024.

The Popularity of Online Casinos in Japan

When we talk about the popularity of gambling in Japan, we don’t know what is a bigger proof of how much people here love to try their luck. This is something that is deeply rooted in their culture and tradition, as they are famous for wagering even on mahjong games! Some of the famous things they like to gamble on include horse and motorsports racing, lottery, and football. In 2020 the Casino Administration Committee was established to regulate the work of land-based casinos in resorts. However, there are only three of those in Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokohama. Online casinos are much more present in Japan.

The online gambling industry is in full swing in Japan, as you can find out if you read more about the best online casinos in Japan by visiting this site. Also, the numbers are there to prove it. The revenue of online casinos for the previous year stands at 7.7 billion USD, making Japan the 4th country in the world in this category. Furthermore, the market growth percentage stands at 5.5 percent on an annual rate, which gives analysts enough evidence that the barrier of 10 billion USD will be achieved very soon. This impacts all the other categories, such as the number of players, and the number of casino operators present in the market. In this business, stagnation is death, therefore we are likely to see advances in the offer of online casinos in 2024.

What Can We Expect in 2024 for the Japan Online Casino Market?

As we see the 2024 unfolds, we can see the upcoming changes in Japan’s online casino market. Unlike many others in the world, it is not only growing, it is evolving. It is hard for businesses to change and adapt, but even the global pandemic of coronavirus wasn’t able to stop the gambling industry. Not only that it didn’t stop it, it fueled its online platform versions. We already know about the unprecedented speed that they display, but here we even know the factors that drive it. The main ones are:

  • Tech advancements
  • Changes in customer behavior
  • Tech-savvy population

Tech Advancements That Are Expected for Japan’s Online Casino Industry in 2024

Gaming experience is important to customers, and that is exactly what we expect to change in the current year. We are talking about the revolution through a more immersive and fun environment. The country has a love for traditional choices for wagering, however, who can say no to the upcoming advances of virtual reality and blockchain technologies? The idea is to integrate them into the gaming environment, making the overall gambling experience more exciting. And the players love the idea of it.

VR headsets can take you on an unforgettable journey, where you move from your home into an online casino, with all its extravagant ambiance and atmosphere. In Japan, this is even easier to do as, unlike the rest of the world, the love for desktop configurations is still strong here. While people around the globe praise the mobility that their smartphones offer, in this country desktops are still valued. And we all know that the processor chips, graphic cards, and other segments are much stronger on these machines. Making it easier for the smooth performances of peripheries such as headsets.

There is also blockchain technology, ideal for making secure and speedy transactions. This is the tech that makes cryptocurrencies available. Everyone has heard about Bitcoin already, but maybe not about its whole history. The main advantages of this payment method are its anonymity, faster money transfers, and lower fees. The banks are excluded from this type of payment, and because of that, there is no need to wait for their clearance and pay them those hefty fees. Anonymity is excellent since players are more safe due to it. When they use crypto for depositing or withdrawing funds, hackers can’t see their personal and financial data.

Changes in Customer Behavior

New generations bring new trends, preferences, and desires. The average consumer in Japan had a well-established profile. Quality over quantity, traditional values, and domestic preferences instead of foreign ones. However, the profile is changing due to the coming of age of the younger population. They have grown in different conditions and were able to witness innovations from all around the world. A lot of social media, YouTube, Instagram, Meta, and others distribute this information in a heartbeat. And customers are creating new preferences when they see it.

Tech-Savvy Population

It was a shocking realization that Japan’s population was not as tech-savvy as it was expected of them. For decades, the cities here have resembled a futuristic landscape seen in video games such as Cyberpunk 2077, yet the majority of the population was not able to keep up. However, the years of exposure to tech advancements created a predisposition for them to have an insight into solutions that are more technical and practical. The country stands at the forefront of the technological peak, and it is rubbing off on its people. It is easy to know about technology when you use it in your everyday lives.


Japan is one of the most wonderful places on the whole planet, and Japanese people are amazingly interesting. The whole country is very tech-oriented, as they are leading manufacturers and developers of almost every piece of technology we use. This makes things very difficult for the owners of online casinos, as they need to stay at the top of their game at all times. The year 2024 looks very promising when it comes to the offer of Japanese online gambling.


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