Man arrested for killing adoptive mother dies in apparent suicide in detention cell

Tシャツにちぎった跡 留置所で容疑者自殺 大阪・高槻市

Japan Today -- Sep 04
A 28-year-old man who was arrested on suspicion of killing his 54-year-old adoptive mother last year has died after being found unresponsive in his detention cell in Osaka, authorities said Friday.

Police said Rin Takai apparently hanged himself with a T-shirt sometime before 7 a.m. on Thursday in the cell on the third floor of the police station in Fukushima Ward, Kyodo News reported. He was the only occupant of the cell.

A guard found him unresponsive while making his rounds. Takai was taken to hospital where he died late Thursday.

Takai, who claimed to be a consultant residing in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, was arrested in July for forging the names of his adoptive mother's relatives on adoption papers. On Aug 25, police served him with a second arrest warrant on suspicion of killing his adoptive mother, Naoko Takai in July 2021.

Police allege that Takai committed the murder over a ¥150 million life insurance policy. The victim was found dead in the bathtub, partially submerged, with a bandage wrapped tightly around her right wrist, at around 11 a.m. on July 26, at her house in Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture. The victim, a company employee who lived alone, was last seen at her office on July 21, prior to the long holiday weekend for the Tokyo Olympics. She was due back at work on July 26. ...continue reading

Sep 04 (FNNプライムオンライン) - 警察の留置場で自殺した容疑者のTシャツには、ちぎった跡があった。  ...continue reading

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