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Binance Japan launches, offering 34 tokens for spot trading

Binance rebranded SAKURA Exchange BitCoin, Inc., allowing access to 34 tokens for spot trading and BNB.

TOKYO, Aug 02 ( - Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the launch of Binance Japan, a dedicated platform for Japanese residents.

The new offering focuses on providing local customers with an array of services, including a record number of 34 tokens for spot trading.

The introduction of Binance Japan follows the acquisition and rebranding of SAKURA Exchange BitCoin, Inc. New users in Japan will have access to a selection of 34 tokens for spot trading, including the debut of BNB in Japan.

Japanese customers with existing global Binance accounts can start the migration process to the new platform starting August 14, 2023, using a new KYC process.

Binance Japan’s offerings extend to deposit options for both Japanese yen and cryptocurrencies, with yen withdrawal availability set for after August 20, 2023. ...continue reading

News On Japan

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has launched an investigation following death threats sent to the office of former House of Councillors member Renho, who is running for the Tokyo gubernatorial election.

In Hokkaido, where bear attacks on cattle have been frequent, stray dogs exhibit wolf-like behavior have now become a serious issue. On June 19, footage captured in Shunan, Yamaguchi Prefecture, showed a stray dog rushing out aggressively towards an already formed pack. This region has been plagued by the problem of stray dogs for around 20 years due to uncontrolled breeding.

Honda's Super Cub, known as the world's best-selling motorbike with over 100 million units produced, will soon see the end of an era. Honda has announced its decision to stop the production of motorbikes with engine capacities of 50cc or less, including the iconic Super Cub.

The Emperor and Empress of Japan have arrived in the UK for an official visit aimed at strengthening friendly relations. This marks the Emperor's first state visit to the UK in 26 years since 1998.

According to a report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), 28.3% of women born in 1975 in Japan are childless, the highest rate among member countries.



At the SoftBank Group's annual general meeting on June 21, Chairman and CEO Masayoshi Son stated that artificial intelligence (AI) would surpass human intelligence by 10,000 times within the next decade, reaffirming his commitment to expanding investments in this field.

Popular anime singer Yoko Takahashi, known for her hit song 'A Cruel Angel's Thesis' from the anime 'Neon Genesis Evangelion,' has abruptly withdrawn from a concert. The reason behind this decision was an AI-generated poster.

JDB (Just Do the Best) is a leading online gaming provider that primarily targets the Asian market. Founded in 2010, the company has quickly gained popularity for its high-quality, visually stunning games with unique features and mechanics.

Google has announced a new initiative to address the challenges faced by all 47 prefectures in Japan through artificial intelligence, in collaboration with the University of Tokyo.

The intense competition in generative AI technology raises concerns over misuse, such as the creation of fake videos. We explored this issue through AI video creation.

In a move to make generative AI more accessible, major mobile carrier SoftBank has announced the free provision of its latest AI-powered search tool to mobile users.

Over history, the casino industry has been through an interesting journey and has appeared in many different guises.

A public-private-academic collaborative organization, the Aichi Sports Innovation Consortium (AiSIA), was established on June 11, 2024, to revitalize the region through sports using digital technology.