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Binance and Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Bank to launch stablecoin in Japan

Sep 27 (MSN) - Binance Japan and Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Bank (MUTB) are partnering to create new stablecoins pegged to major currencies, including the Japanese Yen and the U.S. Dollar, according to a statement released on Tuesday.

The partnership aims to foster a thriving Web3 ecosystem in Japan, with the stablecoins set to play a key role in this endeavor.

The joint study between MUTB and Binance is aimed at driving mass adoption of Web3, according to Takeshi Chino, General Manager for Binance Japan. "Stablecoins fill an important financial services need and are crucial for the success of Web 3.0 adoption,” Chino said.

The stablecoins will be built on Progmat Coin, a compliant infrastructure platform owned by Mitsubishi. This platform has been developed to comply with the Payments Service Act and is backed by several major banks in Japan, including Mizuho Bank, SMBC, and SBI (NS:SBI) Holdings.

This move comes as part of Binance's expansion strategy. Despite facing regulatory challenges in the U.S. and other major markets, Binance has been gaining entry into new jurisdictions. The exchange began operations in Japan in August and currently offers 34 cryptocurrencies in the country. After a three-month pause due to regulatory issues, it recently resumed operations in Belgium.

On Monday, it was reported that Binance is preparing to introduce this novel stablecoin to the Japanese market and the wider global cryptocurrency ecosystem in partnership with MUTB. The forthcoming digital currency will adhere to Japan's stringent regulations on stablecoin issuance and management.

The introduction of this stablecoin is expected to diversify financial services in Japan, thereby increasing market competitiveness. If this innovation gains acceptance in Japan, it could align well with the Web3 policy advocated by the Japanese government. ...continue reading

News On Japan

With the new currency release drawing near, unexpected issues are emerging. This month, known as the season of June brides, sees many weddings, but there are growing concerns over the difficulty in obtaining crisp banknotes for wedding gifts.

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) is set to undergo a significant overhaul of its disaster weather information, with experts proposing the introduction of a new 'Danger Alert' between the existing 'Special Warning' and 'Warning' categories. The final report on this review was compiled on Tuesday.

Himeji Castle, a popular tourist destination and UNESCO World Heritage site, is currently considering a significant increase in admission fees for foreign visitors. The admission fee for adults is presently 1,000 yen, but the mayor of Himeji City has proposed raising the fee to 30 dollars for foreign tourists, a move that has sparked considerable debate.

In a move to make generative AI more accessible, major mobile carrier SoftBank has announced the free provision of its latest AI-powered search tool to mobile users.

Located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, the 'Kenno Cafe' aims to prevent dementia through recreational activities like exercises for those concerned about the condition.



The intense competition in generative AI technology raises concerns over misuse, such as the creation of fake videos. We explored this issue through AI video creation.

In a move to make generative AI more accessible, major mobile carrier SoftBank has announced the free provision of its latest AI-powered search tool to mobile users.

Over history, the casino industry has been through an interesting journey and has appeared in many different guises.

A public-private-academic collaborative organization, the Aichi Sports Innovation Consortium (AiSIA), was established on June 11, 2024, to revitalize the region through sports using digital technology.

As the world continues to embrace digital currencies, businesses must adapt to the growing demand for cryptocurrency payment options.

Nippon TV's 'Good For the Planet Week' highlights efforts to support visually impaired individuals through innovative technologies.

In recent years, Japan's bustling community of foreign exchange (forex) traders has increasingly embraced automated trading through the use of Expert Advisors (EAs).

Tokyo is set to launch a 'marriage hunting app' around summer 2024 to combat the declining birthrate, which hit a record low of 1.20. The app, using AI for matchmaking based on value assessments, targets singles aged 18 and above who live, work, or study in Tokyo.