Society | Jan 18

U.S. Forces Begin Disaster Relief Efforts

Ishikawa, Jan 18 (News On Japan) - The U.S. Forces stationed in Japan have commenced disaster relief operations to aid those affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquake.

On the first day of the support activities, January 17, a U.S. Forces transport aircraft loaded with supplies took off from the Japan Air Self-Defense Force's Komatsu Base, heading to Noto Satoyama Airport in Wajima City.

Approximately 40 boxes were delivered, containing food, paper diapers, powdered milk, and chargers. Thirty personnel were involved in the mission.

The support activities by the U.S. Forces are scheduled to continue on Thursday. Similar support was provided during the Great East Japan Earthquake under the name "Operation Tomodachi."

Meanwhile, the death toll from the Noto Peninsula earthquake has reached 232, with the safety of 21 individuals still unknown.

Source: 日テレNEWS


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