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Plant-Based Ingredients for Eco-Friendly "Decarbonized Sweets"

TOKYO, Feb 04 (News On Japan) - At "Patisserie Printemps" located within a university campus and popular among students, an environmentally friendly sweet, "Creamy Lemon Roll Cake," is available. Yui Kawachi, the person in charge at Patisserie Printemps, said, "We wanted to create a roll cake without using animal fats."

The roll cake, finished by spreading strawberry jam and cheese cream on sponge cake dough and then lightly torching it, uses plant-based cheese made from coconut oil instead of cow's milk.

Tsuyoshi Ishida, Director of J-Oil Mills PBF Planning and Promotion, explains the environmental benefits of plant-based cheese: "By eliminating the process of raising cows, we can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by around 70%."

Cattle farming requires extensive land, vast amounts of water, and electricity, and cows' belches include methane gas, a greenhouse gas, contributing to global warming.

Switching to plant-based cheese can help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Regarding the taste transition from animal-based to plant-based products...

A customer commented, "If I hadn't been told, I might have thought it was regular animal-based cheese. I hope more products like this, considering the environment, come out."

At "TUTTO," a dessert shop known for its long queues, eco-friendly gelato is a hit.

A customer remarked, "It's rich yet refreshing and very delicious."

The plant-based milk gelato, made from almonds without eggs or sugar, is not only lower in calories and less burdensome for the body but also focuses on flavor.

Eriko Ishida, Brand Manager of TUTTO, said, "We're committed to offering flavors that not only are lower in calories and less burdensome compared to animal-based gelato but also do not compromise on taste."

The eco-friendly gelato features 12 flavors, including seasonal fruits and herbs, making for Instagram-worthy treats.

A customer shared, "Considering its environmental friendliness, with vegan trends already popular and the taste being delicious, it's great."

While plant-based cheeses are expanding in demand in Western countries, how about in Japan?

Tsuyoshi Ishida, Director of J-Oil Mills PBF Planning and Promotion, mentioned, "There's not enough widespread understanding of the environmental impact yet, so with increased awareness, we can expect significant market growth."

Source: FNN


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