The Ultimate Glossary of Poker Terms You Should Know -- Oct 27

If you want to become a professional poker player, you’ll need to learn the lingo.

From “all in” to “fish,” here is the ultimate glossary of poker terms you should know.

Basic Poker Terms

Although poker is typically known as a game of chance, with the correct strategy in place, you can increase your odds of winning in Captain Cooks Casino and other platforms. You’ll also need to know the terminology used in the game.

  • Ante—In poker, ante refers to an amount of money that is part of the pot and must be contributed by each player on their turn.
  • All In—This term is used when a player puts all their chips into the pot during a hand, betting on their ability to win the hand against their opponents.
  • Burn—Also called “discarding,” the act of burning a card is when you place one card face down on top of another during the hand, so it’s not visible to any player.
  • Bust Out—This term means that a player was eliminated from the game, usually as a result of losing all of their chips or going “all in” and having their hand beaten by an opponent.
  • Fish—A fish is an inexperienced or bad poker player who is easy to beat in a hand, often because of their poor strategy and lack of knowledge about the game.
  • Flop—The flop is the first three community cards that are dealt face up on the table to all players in a hand. Flush—In poker, a flush is five cards of the same suit that are not in numerical order.
  • Full House—It is a combination of three of one card and two of another card in a hand.
  • Hand—It is all the cards a player has for a given round or game, including their two hole cards and the community cards dealt on the table during play.
  • Heads Up—When poker is played “heads up,” there are just two players left in a game who are going against each other. This is usually the final round of a game.
  • High Card—The hand with the highest card(s) in it is considered to be the winning hand, regardless of what types of cards or suits they are.
  • Hold’em— Hold’em is a common variation of poker, where each player gets two hole cards, and five community cards are dealt in three stages.
  • House—The house is the casino or other location that hosts a poker game and is where all the money from each hand goes, including players’ bets, winnings, and rakes.
  • Muck—In poker, to muck means to fold a hand without showing any of your cards during a round. Offsuit—When your two hole cards are from different suits, they are referred to as being offsuit.

With this new poker vocabulary, we hope you feel more confident about developing a winning strategy. Best of luck!