10-year-old becomes first official dual-national kabuki actor

TOKYO, Feb 08 (Japan Today) - A 10-year-old French-Japanese boy will become the first officially recognized dual-national kabuki actor, following in the footsteps of his grandfather, a star of the traditional art form.

Maholo Terajima has performed kabuki several times on stage since he was four.

But his May performance at Tokyo's Kabuki-za theater will be his formal debut under the stage name Onoe Maholo.

"I've always loved kabuki, since I was little," he said in French and Japanese at a press conference, adding that he hopes to one day perform in France.

"I'll practice hard so that our audience will enjoy the show," said Terajima, who wore a black kimono and gray hakama for Tuesday's event at the French embassy.

Kabuki shows are all-male affairs combining dance, drama and music, with men playing female roles. ...continue reading