Stressed cop admits smoking marijuana 150 times

TOKYO, Sep 01 (News On Japan) - A former Hyogo police officer admitted in court that he had smoked marijuana about 150 times.

According to the indictment, Atsushi Horimoto (21), a former officer of the Akashi Police Station in Hyogo Prefecture, was charged with violating the Cannabis Control Act for possessing about 0.4 grams of liquid marijuana in a room at a police dormitory in Suma Ward, Kobe City, in June of this year.

During the trial on August 31st, Horimoto admitted to the charges and stated, "I couldn't withstand the stress of my job," and "I smoked about 150 times before being arrested."

The prosecution argued that the use of marijuana was habitual and the crime was serious, seeking a sentence of 10 months in prison. On the other hand, the defense argued that the defendant had already faced social sanctions, such as being dismissed from his job, and requested a suspended sentence.

The verdict is scheduled to be announced on September 15th.

Sep 01 (MBS NEWS) - 兵庫県警の元巡査が裁判で「大麻を150回ほど吸った」と話しました。  ...continue reading