YouTuber apologises and deletes video after pranks outrage Japan

Independent -- Oct 26

A YouTuber has apologised and removed his controversial video where he dodged train fares following calls for his arrest.

In a now-deleted video titled “I Travelled Across Japan For Free” popular Cypriot YouTuber Fidias Panayiotou was seen dodging train fares and conning a five-star hotel out of a free breakfast.

The video gained almost half a million views and caused great offence among locals online. Japan notoriously has a low crime rate which many put down to their ‘national culture’ of social harmony and observance of heirarchy.

One social media user said: "Another strange, annoying YouTuber from abroad has emerged. In addition to this guy Fidias, the three others should be arrested."

In the video, Mr Panayiotou filmed himself boarding a train in Japan without a ticket and locking himself in a bathroom. He was later caught by the train conductor and told how he faked an illness before running to board another train – where he also hid in the bathroom. ...continue reading