Japan's government spends hours in Minecraft to reveal a wild real-world infrastructure project

TOKYO, Nov 23 (tweaktown.com) - Minecraft isn't just a game where you can let your imagination and creativity run wild; it can also be used to demonstrate real-world projects, or at least that is what Japan's government appears to be doing.

A new report from Automaton Media has highlighted a video posted to a YouTube account that's linked to Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism. The video states it is a demonstration of the ongoing Tatsuno Dam project and is a recreation of what is going to be built in real life.

The construction for this dam is currently underway in Kumamoto, Japan, and the video shows off a birds-eye view of the entire project, with the video creators even factoring in the surrounding environment. Reports indicate the video has caused a stir in the online Japanese community, with some users praising the Minecraft world creators' precision in replicating the real-world location within the game. The Tatsuno Dam is expected to be completed and operational sometime in 2024. ...continue reading