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At Himeji Castle, a World Heritage site in Hyogo Prefecture, an event recreating a daimyo procession from the Edo period took place, captivating tourists with a glimpse into the past.

Local celebrity Masaharu Fukuyama drew large crowds in Nagasaki on Saturday, flocking to Dejima, an artificial island off Nagasaki that served as a trading post for the Portuguese (1570–1639) and later the Dutch (1641–1854), to see the local-born actor appear in traditional attire with singer Masaharu Fukuyama and actor Lisa Nakamura.

The plum blossoms are reaching their peak earlier than usual in Kofu due to the warm winter. Furoen Garden, a famous plum spot, is witnessing early blooms in over 2,000 plum trees in various colors, including red, white, and pink, spanning 30 different varieties.

The entrance fee for Osaka Castle is set to double, making it the most expensive castle entry fee in Japan.

As the mild winter brings early blooms to some cherry blossom varieties, many wonder if the iconic Yoshino cherry trees will also flower sooner than usual. Let's delve into the forecast for this year's cherry blossom season.

In Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture, the early spring flower, Zazen grass, is currently at its peak blooming season. Zazen grass, a perennial in the Araceae family, gets its name from its flower's resemblance to a meditating monk in a seated position.

Yamanashi Governor Kotaro Nagasaki has shared his views on the climbing fee for Mt. Fuji, stating, "We should break away from the mentality that cheaper is always better."

The Hokuriku region has announced Japan's first spring gale of the year, with a strong southerly wind blowing over the Sea of Japan on Thursday afternoon.