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The 5 most important casino bonuses you don't want to miss!

I bet it is not often you get a freebie from your favorite casino but that's about to change.

We will let you in on the secrets on how you can play for free at some of the best online casinos in Japan. As you probably know, the casinos in Las Vegas, Macao, Monaco, or anywhere else in the world, don't give out freebies and why would they? And this is exactly why online casinos are more exciting for modern gamblers because they are being spoiled by lucrative and fascinating bonuses. The problem is to find a reliable casino in your language that will let you play for free and still win some real money. There are many new online casinos on the Japanese market this year and it can be a daunting task to understand what they really offer, especially if you don't understand the terminology the operators use. But we are here to help! We asked Keita Maruyama at CasinosNavi what are the 5 most important types of bonuses Japanese casino players should know about if they don't want to miss out on any freebies.

After reading this article you will be able to recognize a good offer and know what to expect from foreign operators that are open to Japanese players. We won't link to specific casino sites as the actual money value of these types of bonuses are constantly being updated and shown on sites like Casinosnavi.

1. Signing Up & Welcome Bonuses

These are commonly offered by almost every online platform as an incentive to create personal profiles. Very often you get completely free credits you can play for and if you win, you can even withdraw part of your winnings. However, as a general rule, all bonuses called "sign-up bonus" or "welcome bonus" can only be claimed once, per household. Trying to open one account for each member of your family will only have all of the accounts blacklisted for bonus fraud! The reason is that these bonuses are very good for you but bad for the operator. The amount you can get varies greatly both between operators and between countries. The best online casinos however always stand out by giving their new customers considerable cash rewards to kick start their gambling experience from a high note. The bonus can be a reward on your single first deposit or apply in various % to several deposits within a certain time period. The best online casinos will match your deposit to a tune of 200% depending on the cash value deposited of course.

As mentioned earlier, many online casinos have gone even a step further to offer bonuses that let you play completely for free, without asking for anything in return. These "free spins" or "flat bonuses" can be part of the welcome bonus and require at least a minimum deposit from your side, but these types of bonuses can also be real freebies! It happens, especially when a new casino opens, that the operator decides to give totally free credits ("no deposit bonus") to everyone who registers for the first time as a way to try a few games, without asking for anything in return. For obvious reasons, the money value is less than what is offered as a bonus matching your own deposit, but remember it's completely free, with no obligations. It's a great way to get you acquainted with the different online games on the platform.

2. Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty is key when you find an online casino that preserves your best gambling interest. After fixed durations, you start earning loyalty bonuses that add up to your stake for huge winnings. Loyal customers also benefit from different seasonal promotions offered round the year. Well-established online casinos also monitor how regularly you bet and give cash bonuses to their most avid gamblers. Consistency will also earn you VIP points, which convert to huge bonuses whenever you need a bailout. Overall the loyalty reward programs offered by online casinos are based on the same principle as used by hotel chains, frequent flyer programs like JMB, and e-commerce shops. According to research, customers prefer websites with a reward program and when it comes to online casinos, you can expect every operator to have a loyalty program just waiting to reward you!

3. High Roller Bonus

There is no one more deserving of bonuses than serious gamers willing to stake large deposits for a huge profit margin. Famous gamblers all over the world have recorded some of the biggest wins in the history of online casinos. Some even earn their living from placing smart bets throughout the month, which is a convenient way to generate income. While most of us prefer to make one small deposit after the other, some gamblers prefer to make one large deposit and get the maximum bonus amount in return from the casino.

Some well-established operators that can afford to take the risk associated with giving out high bonuses offer "high roller bonuses" or "VIP bonuses". The minimum deposit to trigger the bonus is often very high but in return, so is the bonus you get back. Moreover, casinos with these types of bonuses also have a dedicated VIP department with luxury giveaways, tournaments and exclusive events. These types of promotions are exclusive, usually by invitation only, so keep an eye out for operators with these types of bonuses if this is your kind of gambling. In general, high rollers have greater chances of winning prizes in exclusive online casino promotions. Such do not necessarily have to be cash bonuses. Big online casinos collaborate with other companies to offer free holidays, the latest digital gadgets, and so much more!

4. Game Bonuses

What is your favorite online slot game that holds your gambling luck? Online gamblers always have that one game that they continually record a winning streak most time they play. Hopping from one slot game to the other might deny you the chance to get game-specific bonuses like free spins, bonus insider.

There are many different casino games but when it comes to free credits, most of them are related to online slots. The reason is that the developer of the slot game gives free rounds to the casino for them to distribute among its players. Understandably, the casino prefers to reward the customers that play a lot on the specific game.

Bonuses related specifically to Poker or Blackjack can not be expected from every online casino so if this is what you are looking for, then you should definitely use websites of the type we linked to at the beginning of this article. Trying to find these operators on your own is not easy. Another tip is to keep an eye out for new games being introduced on the platform. They usually feature extra play money for a short period to attract players. Other rewards offered by specific games include free spins and VIP points.

Accumulate points to get substantial bonuses that can materialize to huge cash rewards after an online gambling session. Game-specific bonuses give you a chance to broaden your gambling skills as well as your overall bankroll. Knowing the strategic time to try out a certain game lets you take advantage of offers attached to such games at different periods.

5. Bonuses on Devices

The best online betting platforms can deduce the type of smart device you use to sign up or play different games on their website. Some of these offer rewards to tablet, computer, or smartphone users. Certain casino games are compatible with specific devices hence their developers offer rewards to attract players.

Every download on Android or iOS devices comes with fixed bonuses to let you have a perfect gaming experience after signing up. Modern casinos are diversifying their level of operation, especially in the digital scope to guarantee easy accessibility of casino games that we all love. Having a casino game app is not necessary to benefit from dedicated "mobile bonuses".

With these five types of casino bonuses as part of your online gaming vocabulary, you can feel confident you won't miss out on any good offers - Good Luck with your gaming!


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