Business | Jan 25

Japanese Economic Delegation in China Seeks Clarity on Anti-Spy Law

BEIJING, Jan 25 (News On Japan) - A delegation of top figures from Japan's business community, currently visiting Beijing, has held discussions with Chinese economic policy authorities, urging transparent implementation of laws such as the anti-spy law.

Takao Shindo, Chairman of the Japan-China Economic Association, emphasized the need for transparency in the application of laws related to national security, including the anti-spy law. "Dispelling concerns about the operation of these systems and fostering an environment conducive to business and international community alignment is essential," he said.

The Japanese delegation, comprising about 180 business leaders, exchanged views with the National Development and Reform Commission on Wednesday morning.

The Japanese representatives advocated for cooperation in areas such as the silver economy, healthcare, and transitioning to a decarbonized society.

The Chinese side, still under sanctions by the United States, pointed out that both countries should oppose the political elements affecting economics, while also expressing hope for investment from Japan, arguing that "China can provide long-term, stable returns."

This meeting signifies a pivotal moment in Sino-Japanese economic relations, reflecting both nations' commitment to overcoming challenges through dialogue and cooperation. As the global economic landscape evolves, such interactions become crucial in shaping the future trajectory of regional and global economic dynamics.

Source: ANN

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