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The filing period for 2023 income tax and other taxes began on February 16th, with people completing their declarations at a special venue in Nagoya City. At the venue in Nakamura Ward, Nagoya, taxpayers received advice on filing their taxes using smartphones, and almost all booths were occupied from the morning.

As the use of generative AI, like ChatGPT, expands globally, it is bringing changes to our "jobs" and "work styles." Last year, beverage giant Ito En renewed the packaging of one of its products, with the design's original draft created by "generative AI." The woman featured in the commercial was also generated by AI.

The Nikkei Stock Average at the Tokyo Stock Exchange momentarily surged over 700 points Friday morning, reaching the 38,800 range, before profit-taking saw it close at 38,487, up 329 points from the previous day.

To address the driver shortage crisis, long-standing rivals Yamato Transport and Japan Post have teamed up to tackle Japan's challenging logistical environment known as the "2024 Problem."

The Cabinet Office announced that Japan's nominal GDP in 2023 fell to fourth place globally, overtaken by Germany, in dollar terms, partly due to a continued downturn in personal consumption, influenced by rising prices.

Two major family restaurant chains in Japan have reported their annual financial results, showing an increase in net profits due to the recovery in the number of customers following the downgrading of COVID-19 to a Class 5 infectious disease.

Renesas Electronics, a leading semiconductor company, has announced its acquisition of American software firm Altium Limited for approximately 880 billion yen to expedite the development and design of semiconductor products.

This month, it was revealed that a Japan Airlines passenger plane entered a taxiway different from the one instructed by air traffic controllers at San Diego Airport in the United States and crossed the stop line before the runway, prompting another passenger plane to go around during its landing attempt. Japan Airlines had also experienced an incident in November of last year at Seattle Airport in the United States, where a plane mistakenly entered a runway.