Society | Feb 08

The Dark Side of a Cross-Dressing Entertainer's Life

TOKYO, Feb 08 (News On Japan) - A 23-year-old woman, characterized by her anime-like boyish charm and side-swept bangs revealing one eye, has found herself entangled in legal troubles far removed from the glittering lights of Kabukicho's concept bars, where she was known as a skilled cross-dressing cast member. Yet, behind her celebrated persona, she faces accusations of exploiting female patrons.

Kazuma Yuna, the suspect in question, casts a defiant gaze at the camera. She has been arrested for allegedly forcing a woman in her twenties, a customer at the concept bar in Tokyo's Kabukicho where Kazuma worked, into prostitution.

Kazuma was unique in her role, being the only cross-dressing cast member at a men's concept bar designed primarily for female clients. Her social media posts hint at her popularity and skill, with acquaintances testifying to her prowess.

An acquaintance described Kazuma: "She had many customers coming to see her specifically. She's a bright girl with high communication skills and excellent at conversation."

But how did Kazuma allegedly coerce a female patron in her twenties into prostitution?

In April 2023, a customer met Kazuma while she was working at Bar A and soon started visiting Bar B, where Kazuma worked as a cross-dressing cast member. The following month, after racking up a debt of 3 million yen from champagne and other expenses she couldn't pay, the customer found herself burdened with a so-called "tab" at the bar.

From July to December 2023, Kazuma allegedly resorted to violence and manipulation to recover the debt, telling the woman, "Go do street work and earn money through prostitution. I'll keep your ID so you can't run away," while also sending encouraging messages like, "You'll be fine! Let's work hard together!" This use of both threat and support reportedly forced the woman into repeated acts of prostitution, with Kazuma collecting nearly the entire sum of 3.5 million yen earned.

Regarding the arrest, an acquaintance expressed disbelief: "Why her? If you arrested 100 hosts around here, you'd find they all do the same thing."

Kazuma has denied the allegations against her. This case shines a light on the darker aspects of the entertainment industry, where the boundaries between performance and exploitation can sometimes blur, leading to serious legal and ethical violations.

Source: FNN


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