Sci-Tech | Feb 12

Heli Rides Take Passengers on 'Flying Car' Route

TOKYO, Feb 12 (News On Japan) - Tokyo has initiated a demonstration experiment using helicopters to address and identify the challenges facing the commercialization of "flying cars."

The experiment is conducted along a route connecting the city center with the waterfront area. The takeoff and landing point in the city center is located at a skyscraper in front of Tokyo Station, where helicopters carrying passengers recruited from the public will connect areas such as Aomi and Shin-Kiba in Koto Ward in approximately 15 minutes.

The fare for this futuristic commute is set at 17,600 yen.

Mitsubishi Estate, among others conducting the test, aims to evaluate the operational flow in the city center, as well as the impact of noise and wind. Additionally, they seek to incorporate passenger feedback into route planning and pricing strategies.

Actual tests using flying cars, rather than helicopters, are ambitiously targeted for as early as the 2024 fiscal year.

Source: ANN


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