OpenAI Unveils 'Sora': A Breakthrough in AI-Generated Video from Text

TOKYO, Feb 16 (News On Japan) - OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, has unveiled a new technology that allows the creation of videos using only text through generative AI.

The video released by OpenAI is said to depict "night in Tokyo," but upon closer inspection, the signage appears to be in Japanese but is not actually Japanese.

This is made possible by OpenAI's new technology, "Sora," which allows for the creation of videos by generative AI with just text instructions. According to American media, the concept is "to evoke infinite possibilities," and the name "Sora" is derived from the Japanese word for "sky."

The videos will have embedded information indicating they are created by generative AI, and they will not be able to produce sexual or violent content.

OpenAI plans to launch the technology to the market after safety verification by experts.

Source: TBS


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