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Curtain Falls on Mount Fuji Hotspot

YAMANASHI, May 21 (News On Japan) - Many tourists have been rushing to capture photos from the 'Mount Fuji Convenience Store' before the installation of a black curtain begins Tuesday to obscure the view.

A tourist from the Netherlands remarked, 'I knew about the curtain. It was even in the news in the Netherlands.'

An American tourist commented, 'It's a beautiful view, so it's a bit sad about the curtain. But I was lucky to see it.'

The spot gained popularity on social media for its unique photo opportunity with Mount Fuji appearing over the convenience store in Fujikawaguchiko Town, Yamanashi Prefecture. However, this influx of tourists has been causing numerous problems.

A South Korean tourist said, 'I crossed to take photos because the view is wider from this side.'

A police officer stated, 'It's not a pedestrian crossing.'

Ignoring Security Guards, Tourists Continue to Cross the Road

In addition to ignoring traffic rules, other problematic behaviors have been observed.

Groups of foreign tourists have been occupying half of the road, eating onigiri and sandwiches as if having a picnic.

A German tourist explained, 'We needed to catch a bus, so we ate quickly here.'

Despite warnings that suitcases should not be placed on the road, some tourists still left their luggage in the way.

Fujikawaguchiko Town installed multilingual warning signs in March last year and deployed security guards in June. However, tourists continue to ignore the warnings and cross the road.

Nearby, fences have been erected to prevent entry onto private property, but people continue to trespass for photos. Illegal parking, littering, and even unauthorized photo businesses charging 300 yen per shot have become rampant.

Despite various measures, the continuous misconduct has led Fujikawaguchiko Town to make the difficult decision to install the black curtain.

Black Curtain Installation Reported by International Media

The dental clinic across from the convenience store, which has been at the forefront of the trouble, issued a statement.

Ibishi Dental Clinic stated, 'We have been plagued by littering, trespassing, smoking, eating in the parking lot and under the eaves, and even illegal rooftop entry, which often required police intervention. We consider this measure unavoidable due to the persistent severe misconduct.'

The black curtain installation has been widely reported by international media.

CNN reported, 'The town has reached its limit and is installing a mesh fence to block the view.'

Photos taken from the side of the curtain no longer align Mount Fuji directly above the convenience store. From the store's perspective, Mount Fuji is barely visible.

Tour Buses Flock to Another Convenience Store

The installation of the black curtain has raised new concerns in the surrounding area.

Fifteen minutes' walk from the original convenience store, another store also offers a view of Mount Fuji, attracting foreign tourists.

A tourist from China said, 'There's a line at the other store for photos. This spot is better for taking pictures.'

This new spot has seen an influx of tourists for the past three months, with similar photo opportunities of Mount Fuji over the store.

Tour buses arrive, and tourists disembark. Tour guides with flags lead the groups.

Tour companies have added this convenience store to their itineraries due to the popularity of the "Mount Fuji Convenience Store."

A tourist from Switzerland said, 'We came in a group of about 20 on a bus tour from Tokyo. There were many such tours available.'

Source: ANN

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