Oct 06
The best hand-colored photos of the 19th century came from Japan. (Vox)
Oct 06
Planning to study in Japan? Discover opportunities, scholarships and everything here. ()
Oct 04
It can be said that for alcohol, some may have a high tolerance and others may need to control how much they consume. (
Oct 04
In recent years, online learning has become more and more popular. (
Oct 03
Kaisei High School, located in Tokyo’s Nishi Nippori neighborhood, is a very respected academic institute. Its major claim to fame is that for 39 years and counting it has sent more students to the University of Tokyo, Japan’s most prestigious university, than any other high school in the country. (Japan Today)
Sep 30
The National Police Agency plans to move safety lectures for certain driver’s license renewals online as part of the government’s push to digitalize administrative procedures and as a way to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, agency officials said Tuesday. (Japan Times)
Sep 30
Japan's education minister Hagiuda Koichi says he will ask universities to let foreign students attend extra classes to make up for lost opportunities to study because of the coronavirus pandemic. (NHK)
Sep 29
China is on an arduous long march to eradicate poverty. In Japan, inequalities remain despite economic growth. Our correspondents take a closer look at the countries' quest for prosperity. (CNA Insider)
Sep 28
The Japanese government is considering boosting the capacity of the country's authorized nurseries and other facilities for preschoolers by some 120,000 over the four years from fiscal 2021, it was learned Saturday. (Japan Times)
Sep 28
Despite record employment under Abenomics, Japan’s poverty rate is the second highest among the Group of Seven nations at 15.7%, and above the OECD average. (CNBC)
Sep 27
Many universities in Japan are set to partially resume in-person classes in the second half of the current academic year, which starts in autumn, while taking measures against the spread of the coronavirus. (Japan Times)
Sep 16
About 80 percent of universities and junior colleges plan to conduct both in-person and online lessons in the second semester of fiscal 2020 beginning this autumn, an education ministry survey showed Tuesday. (Japan Times)
Sep 14
Anyone who has ever taught or known a teacher knows how intense the workload can be — all over the world, teachers find themselves left adrift against a current of curriculums and nights spent grading papers, only to be rewarded with complaints and abuse from students, parents, and higher-ups alike. (Japan Today)
Sep 10
A new survey shows that about 80 percent of the children who contracted the coronavirus in Japan were likely infected by family members. (NHK)
Sep 10
A 4-year-old boy died after choking on a large grape while eating lunch at a Tokyo kindergarten and police have launched a probe into the accident, investigators said Tuesday. (Japan Times)
Sep 06
These are are the most used and popular Japanese slang today. These must-know Japanese words are used commonly by younger Japanese people but also used by older ones. (Paolo fromTOKYO)
Sep 04
Japan has ranked 20th out of 38 in a UNICEF report on the well-being of children in the world's richest countries. (NHK)
Sep 01
Many Japanese towns are losing population. This is what one Japanese town did with its abandoned schools. (Life Where I'm From)
Aug 31
A new work permit introduced by Japan for overseas workers to help alleviate chronic labor shortages in certain industries has made an unexpectedly poor start, with only 3,987 of them obtaining the “specific skills visa” in the first year of the program, or less than 10 percent of the government’s target. (Japan Times)

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