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At Izushi High School in Hyogo Prefecture, students took to a fashion show to reveal their new uniforms designed with gender awareness in mind.

As the new school year approaches, the methods of conducting "school health checks" vary by municipality, raising questions about their appropriateness.

The challenging kanji for today is "御強." This kanji is related to food, but does it ring a bell? Here's a hint: It's something eaten during festivals or on special days.

Amid a record high number of elementary and junior high school students not attending school, a survey has revealed a significant gap between the students' self-reported reasons and teachers' perceptions.

In today's world, where there are diverse ways to earn money, a system has been established where individuals can generate income through video streaming. Age is no longer a barrier to earning money.

The screening process for textbooks to be used in junior highs nationwide from April next year has concluded, despite the approval of two textbooks being deferred due to an information leak.

Starting with the 2026 academic year, Kyoto University announced the introduction of admission slots exclusively available to women in its Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering.

In an effort to unearth and nurture fashion designers who can make their mark on the world stage, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has organized a fashion contest specifically for students.