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Depending on the university you choose for advanced nursing education, a DNP program offers different tracks of study related to your chosen area of specialisation.

With the start of the new school year this spring, one technology that's drawing significant attention is the child-monitoring GPS device, which ensures the safety and security of children.

Kyoto City is set to implement a system that allows even non-working parents to place their children in daycare, aiming to enhance the child-rearing environment.

The special subcommittee of the Central Council for Education (Chuukyo-shin), which has been discussing the salary system and work style reforms for teachers, has indicated that it plans to include a draft proposal to maintain the current framework, which substitutes overtime pay with an additional monthly salary, while raising this additional amount for the first time in half a century from the current 4% to at least 10%.

A survey conducted by a group of active teachers and experts revealed that as of December 2023, approximately 60% of Japan's elementary and middle schools are experiencing a teacher shortage.

To secure funding for measures against the declining birthrate, the Agency for Children and Families has compiled an estimate of the amount that employees, such as company workers, will contribute based on their annual income through the "support fund system" collected via public health insurance.

Crown Prince Akishino and Prince Hisahito visited Tamagawa University in Machida, Tokyo, to inspect facilities dedicated to advanced technological research.

An educational version of "Momotaro Dentetsu," a popular Japanese board game where players compete as railway company presidents to amass wealth by acquiring properties across Japan, has been rolled out to educational institutions since 2023.