Japanese brands become a popular choice for international consumers

newsonjapan.com -- Jul 31

Worldwide consumerism fluctuates regularly, with new purchase trends emerging among enthusiast shoppers. Japan seems to come a contently increase choice for the regular shopper, bringing new amazing products to the table on the regular, and a boost in e-commerce has been noticed across the last year.

While there are many brands that have actually managed to gain a loyal customer base across borders, there are a few Japanese industries that seem to be most popular. Here are the options the majority of international consumers focus first, when they are shopping online.

Japanese watches

Watches are the items that seem to be purchased most, when it comes to Japanese products. Due to the attention to details designers put in during the manufacturing process, to the variety of appealing styles, the watches produced by Japanese brands have become a primary choice for buyers. However, these accessories have always been a big hit in Japan, this being the country where the world's first quartz wristwatch was announced. Brands are varying their selection of offers in this department, so watch buyers have more than enough great options to choose from. The selection found at the Seiko Astron brand alone presents impressive styles, with a luxurious, classic, yet fashionable feel.


Those that follow the beauty industry's major changes know that the hype around Korean beauty products has now been replaced by the J-beauty trends. Japanese cosmetics are becoming more accessible than ever on a global scale, consumers being drawn to the minimalist and luxurious approach manufacturers adopt during production and packaging. Large beauty chain retailers have implemented some of Japan's best beauty brands, such as @cosme and Tatcha. Skincare, hair products, makeup and other types of cosmetics are reaching physical stores, while online shoppers are getting their hands on an impressive variety of beauty supplies made in Japan.

Charms, fashion and other authentic goods

With the increase in Japan exportation, an increase in individuals' interests in regard to the overall Japanese culture has been noticed. E-commerce enthusiasts have started to order online more authentic elements from Japan. From charms, to authentic fashion clothes, decorations and even furniture items, the Japanese seem to draw in people from all over the world, who wish to bring in their home or life a bit of Japan through their purchased items. While merchandise that is of authentic origins can be a bit expensive, there are various more affordable alternatives that maintain the same traditional feel, starting from sake barrels and up to beer glasses.

Worldwide consumerism is starting to change significantly, and it seems like Japan is one of the countries that produce products highly purchased by international shoppers. Watches, beauty products, gadgets, the Japanese manufacturing industry has noticed a significant boost in 2018, more consumers directing their attention to the purchase opportunities offered by the country. Starting with the quality certain Japanese brands ensure and up to the unique manufacturing methods of others, as well as affordable pricing, there are various reasons why today's buyers are seeking a "made in Japan" label on their products.