Roppongi hostesses provided with coronavirus countermeasures -- Jul 31
An adviser for a health division at Minato Ward this week provided guidance to bar hostesses in the Roppongi entertainment quarter about how to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus, reports TBS News (July 27).

On Monday, Narumi Hori, from the infectious diseases division at the ward, sat in a booth at the high-end club before operating hours and provided instruction to two hostesses about how to reduce the dispersion of respiratory droplets from infected persons, which are known to spread the coronavirus.

First, Hori suggested the use of a mask that hangs loose over the face. “This is used in belly dancing,” she said in pulling the pink and gold fabric over her mouth and nose.

She then mentioned a similar mask of cloth panels that hang vertically such that they can be raised to sip drinks. “I think that this kind of thing is also good [in preventing the dispersion of respiratory droplets],” she said.

In front of Hori and the hostesses was a table with bottles of water, glasses and ice. She went on to explain that tongs for ice cubes and drink stirrers should not be shared.

Hori added that a hostess can casually unfurl a fan in front of her face while talking with a customer to prevent dispersion of droplets. As well, it is best that hostesses do not move from one customer to another.

Hostess Hana Takane appeared satisfied. “Since I am working tonight, I wanted to learn about countermeasures that I can implement,” she said.

Over 400 infections for Friday

Infections are on the rise in the capital. On Friday, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government reported that the number of new infections exceeded 400 for the first time. The day before, the total was 367.

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike on Thursday said that the government will ask that karaoke parlors and restaurants serving alcohol restrict their business hours to between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. between August 3 and 31.

The surge in infections has cast an eye on hostess clubs. Over the past several weeks, “clusters” of infections have been found at clubs in the metropolis, particularly in Adachi Ward.

A video of the training session in Roppongi has been uploaded to YouTube. “I think using a video makes it easier to understand the points made,” said the director of the Minato Public Health Center, according to NHK (July 27). “I want it to convey peace of mind.”

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