Transgender woman referred to prosecutors for using Osaka ladies room

Kyodo -- Jan 07

A transgender woman was referred to prosecutors Thursday for suspected trespassing after using the ladies room in a commercial facility in Osaka, in a case an expert on LGBT issues fears might lead to more prejudice and discrimination against sexual minorities.

According to the Osaka prefectural police, the commercial facility in the western Japanese city contacted the police after a customer complained that she could not use the women's restroom because "a man wearing women's clothes was using it," causing her "fear."

Jan 07 ( ABCテレビニュース) - 銭湯の女湯に侵入したとして、警察は48歳の男性を書類送検しました。 男性は当初、心は女だ」とうその供述をし、 トランスジェンダーを装っていたということです。