Behind the Counter at a Local Japanese Miso Ramen Shop

Paolo fromTOKYO -- May 07
I’m going behind the counter at a local family owned Japanese Ramen shop, Kakitagawa Hibari.
This hole in the wall, through the corridor, would never know it even existed, hidden Japanese ramen shop is exactly why I love doing these videos. The shop was originally opened in Shizuoka and relocated to Ebisu at the start of 2021. The shop had a fairly quiet start but quickly picked up a reputation and these days more often than not has a line out the door. The shop uses a special blend of 5 unique kinds of miso paying careful attention to not add heat until just before combining it with the soup to preserve the miso’s flavor, a distinct saltiness paired perfectly with the sweetness from the pork back fat creating their signature bowl of ramen. The shop uses noodles from Kaikarou, a specialized Asakusa based noodle producer. The noodles itself are made from a blend of 2 types of flour and Tapioca to create its characteristic spring texture and sweetness, pairing perfectly with the shop’s strong and rich miso soup.