NTT showcases AI communication technologies

安全促す運転手と会話するロボット NTTのスマートシティ技術

NHK -- May 31
Japanese telecommunication giant NTT has revealed its latest technology using artificial intelligence. The demonstrations are the result of studies by its research center based on the theme of communication.

The company showed a robot that can start a conversation by recognizing surrounding images such as roadside scenery and respond to what a person says.

NTT also unveiled self-driving technology that aims to facilitate traffic flow without the need for stoplights. Eight vehicles moved without hitting each other by analyzing information on speed and position sent by their onboard computers.

The company eventually plans to put the system into practical use by having vehicles acquire real-time positioning data from satellites.

May 31 (FNNプライムオンライン) - 車から見える景色をもとに対話ができるロボットが公開されました。 NTTは30日、AI(人工知能)など最新技術の研究成果を発表。  ...continue reading

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