Mother dies trying to save drowning son

ISHIKAWA, Jun 18 (News On Japan) - A mother and son were washed away Saturday in canal in Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture, after the boy fell in and his mother attempted to rescue him.

According to police, a teenage elementary schoolboy fell into the canal in Hakusan City around 5:30 pm on Saturday. His mother who was nearby jumped in to help, but she was also swept away.

The two were rescued by the fire department about 1.5 kilometers downstream, but both were taken to the hospital with cardiopulmonary arrest and confirmed dead.

The irrigation canal is about 3 meters wide and 1 meter deep, and it is believed that the boy climbed up the fence on the side of the road but lost his balance and fell into the irrigation canal.

Jun 18 (ANNnewsCH) - 石川県白山市で小学生の男の子が用水路に転落し、助けようとした母親も流されました。2人は救助されましたが、搬送先で死亡が確認されました。  ...continue reading