Dumped in forest without clothes: Missing Japanese porn actress found dead

神奈川・秦野市の畑に乳児の遺体 警察が捜査

asiaone.com -- Jul 01
Japanese porn actress Rina Arano was reported missing on June 8 this year.

Ten days later, the body of the pretty 23-year-old was found dumped on a slope in a forest in Hitachiota, Ibaraki Prefecture, about six metres below a forest road.

According to Japanese media reports, the body was naked and partially decomposed.

Rina was reportedly a freelance nude model who charged up to 100,000 yen per shoot and was also known for her pornographic videos involving her photoshoot clients.

She was last seen on June 5, captured on closed-circuit TV footage entering the vehicle of a man who had been texting her.

After Rina's family reported her missing, the police tracked her whereabouts to the villa of 33-year-old Hiroyuki Sampei, who was subsequently arrested on June 14 under suspicion of kidnapping and confining the young woman for four days.

The villa was near the forest road where Rina's body was later found.

A sweep of the villa's basement revealed a mattress and other items implying someone had resided there. However, Rina was not found.

Denying the accusations, Sampei claimed that he brought Rina to his villa and consensually took pictures of her in handcuffs before driving her to a nearby store and seeing her off. ...continue reading

Jul 01 (TBS NEWS) - 神奈川県秦野市の畑で乳児の遺体が見つかりました。  ...continue reading

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