Japanese drone technology is on display

bollyinside.com -- Aug 24
In recent years, the demand for drones has increased with the improvement of operating systems and deregulation.

Drone manufacturers are currently focusing on efficient technology for logistics and disaster site operations. In Japan, “Level 4” of the drone system will start at the end of this year. The system allows the operator of the system to fly the drone in an area unseen by the operator. “TERRA LABO” has been conducting research and development on the theme of this support system for disaster areas. This drone can fly a distance of 2000 kilometers.

“This big TERRA Dolphin is built to fly 2000km. Our goal is disaster response DX.In the event of a large-scale disaster, information is temporarily lost among local governments, the central government, and residents, but we would like to play a role in connecting them,” says Tera Lab. President Takahide Matsuura said. Japanese company Robodex has developed a drone that uses hydrogen for its batteries.

“Once the Level 4 ban is lifted and the system takes effect, operators will be able to fly drones into unseen territory. In fact, it is difficult to fly long distances with current batteries. I think the ability to fly long distances on hydrogen fuel is going to be a very important point, first of all, we’re going to transport cargo, and we want to start with the idea of ​​using hydrogen to reach places that would otherwise be unreachable with today’s batteries think. ...continue reading

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